Since 1902


With joy and gratitude
We seek
To worship and glorify God
To share the good news
To be a welcoming, inclusive, and growing congregation
To serve others in Christ’s name

  • To Build Spiritual Connections

  • Growing Spiritually

  • Worshiping Meaningfully

  • Participating in the Congregation

  • Instilling a sense of belonging

  • Caring for children and youth

  • Focusing on the Community

  • Sharing our Faith

  • Welcoming New People

  • Looking to the Future


At the core of Presbyterian identity is a secure hope in the grace of God in Jesus Christ, a hope that, by the power of the Holy Spirit, empowers us to lives lives of gratitude: “In affirming with the earliest Christians that Jesus is Lord, the Church confesses that he is its hope, and that the Church, as Christ’s body, is bound to his authority and thus free to live in the lively, joyous reality of the grace of God.” 


219 E Jackson St

Hugo, Oklahoma


(580) 326-2390

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Did you Know?

In 1958, the United Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. General Assembly invited Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to address the Overseas Breakfast in Hotel Webster Hall during the 170th General Assembly in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. King’s lecture was cast in the form of an imaginary letter from the Apostle Paul to the church in America.

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